So what am I about??

For starters, I'm married to a drum- building, superhero-loving, handsome as hell, beard enthusiast. He makes me laugh every day and I'm for sure his biggest fan. We live in Kansas City, MO and travel this beautiful planet every chance we get. Together we've made it our mission to complete the ultimate pizza quest before we die. 

Phone pics for proof:


I'm a photojournalistic, natural light photographer, which means I love the real stuff. You don't have to be a pro or feel like a model or be "good at pictures" for this to work. Because human connection and authenticity is most beautiful in the raw.

I've been traveling the globe, bottling couples memories for 4 years. I've practiced and trained with successful photographers and continue to sharpen technical skills to better represent my creative vision. I studied Psychology and Communication at a couple universities which gives me a huge leg up on being able to see and understand people and relationships through my camera lens. 

Oh, I’m also legally ordained to officiate weddings— hello elopements!!


My ultimate goal is to capture a little piece of you and your love at this point in time. I want to give you some sort of visual evidence to reflect on and remember what you looked like, how you interacted, the places you liked to go, the things you loved to do. You know, that genuine, beautiful, unique love only you share.

I want to tell your story. Because reality is, time passes, things change, and you'll never be able to document these moments again. I can't wait to create something invaluable you can hold on to and build on through the years.

You'll never regret investing in your memories. 


But that's enough about me. Contact me! Tell me about yourself!